Big Data Meets Manufacturing

MT Connect harnesses cutting edge technology to collect and compile productivity data from machines across your shop floor. With this data available to you, it is easier than ever to stay abreast of your business's performance. With live monitoring of productivity, cycle time, completed parts and downtime, MT Connect helps you identify gaps in production as well as your opportunities for improvement. A development that has changed the business landscape forever, data allows business owners to make informed decisions about everything from the tooling and consumables they choose to the machine tools they invest in.


So how might MT Connect data guide important business decisions on the shop floor? One example might be a business that purchases several MT Connect compatible machines of different brands. After some time, management might see that certain brands of ballscrew machines are more likely to require downtime for maintenance. Moreover, it would now be easy to measure the lost productivity due to downtime, enabling management to determine if it is more efficient to continue maintaining the current machines or to replace the ballscrew machines with rigid linear motor machines.

Similarly, management may notice a sudden reduction in part cutting time. Upon closer inspection, they may discover that the reduction in cutting time coincided with the use of a new brand of consumable wire. By further measuring the change in productivity against any increased wire costs, management can now precisely identify the better value proposition and utilize the most cost-efficient wire.

What is common to both of these examples is that concrete data allowed management to make informed decisions about their shop's operations. By taking the guesswork out of decision making, MT Connect guides manufacturers to the most efficient solutions possible.

How It Works

MT Connect is an open protocol that facilitates communication between manufacturing devices and software applications. It is best described as a universal language that allows data from various sources to be distilled into common software applications. By providing a common language, MT Connect enables software developers to create more powerful solutions for the manufacturing sector. MT Connect functions through several parts. The "language" of various machines is translated through an adapter, feeding data through an Agent which compiles the data and makes it securely available through the cloud. Users interact with MT Connect data on their laptop or mobile device through their choice of software, available from numerous third-party vendors (Sodick recommends VIMANA software).


MT Connect Adapter 
Available as Machine Option

MT Connect Agent 
Available as Machine Option

Software Interface 
Not Included

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