Sodick offers a comprehensive training program for all new machines purchases. These courses blend in classroom instruction with hands on experience. Sodick also offers customizable courses for purchase, either on-site at your facility or at a Sodick Technical Center.

Sodick’s instructors offer advanced training to enhance the knowledge and productivity of your operators and get you the best results possible.

Sodick offers three unique approaches to training. First being the courses included with your machine purchase, for EDMs these courses are on-site at a Sodick Technology Center and you can schedule them in advance, follow this link to see course dates. Second being at your facility, this is included in your high speed mill purchase and you can add this option onto your EDM training.

Lastly, Sodick offers advanced training that is completely customized to your needs, call Sodick to discuss details on this training.

To register, call 847-310-9000 or click on this link.

Sinker EDM Class – included with machine purchase

The Sinker EDM course is recommended for any new users to Sinker EDM. It is a three full day course that is customized to each student's needs. It starts out with showing the students the basics of the machine and ends with creating and running programs.

Wire EDM Class – included with machine purchase

The Wire EDM course is recommended for any new users to Wire EDM, or those looking to stay on top of the latest technology. Included in this course is basic training of machine operation and basic programming.

High Speed Mill Class – included with machine purchase

High Speed Mill Training is offered on-site at your facility. The training is three full days and is fully customized to your companies needs and the operators experience level. Contact Sodick directly to discuss your needs and how your training would be customized.

Customized Classes

Sodick also offers other more advanced training on-site at your facility or at one of Sodick’s Technology Centers. Please call us to discuss your specific training needs.