SodickCare-Premier-Logo.png#asset:1014We heard you, and we listened.  Introducing SodickCare Premier.  Sodick's "Everything Included" warranty program.  Learn more about the STEPS you can take within the warranty program to have a full 7 year machine warranty.

STEP 1 (when you purchase you New Sodick Wire or Sinker EDM):

In Step 1 when you purchase your new Sodick Wire or Sinker EDM, you can either purchase SodickCare Premier 3 or 5 year extended warranty program.


  • Exclusive customer status
  • Genuine or approved parts and consumables
  • Transfer the warranty should you sell your machine (see contract for full details)
  • Preferred pricing on consumables and free shipping on consumables orders over $500
  • Preferred pricing on yearly preventative maintenance checks
  • $1,000 consumable reward for reaching $15,000 in consumable spend during warranty period*
  • Exclusive consumables promotions available only to SodickCare Premier participants
  • Dedicated support line
  • Free software updates
  • Consumable benefits on all your machines, not just those under SodickCare Premier Warranty
  • 25% discount on standard and advanced operator training
  • SodickCare Premier customer status on Sodick website
  • Option to prepay preventative maintenance visits

STEP 2 (within 6 months of your SodickCare Premier Warranty expiring):

You have the option to purchase SodickCare Premier Plus.  SodickCare Premier Plus is a 2 year warranty extension plan.  This plan includes all benefits mentioned in Step 1.

Post Warranty Benefits:

The gray area after each warranty ends is the post warranty benefits timeframe.  For 2 years after SodickCare Premier or SodickCare Premier Plus expire, enjoy the following benefits:

  • 15% off training
  • 10% off service (labor only)
  • 5% off parts
  • Keep your preferred pricing on consumables and free shipping on orders over $500

Having completed both steps of the program (SodickCare Premier 5 and SodickCare Premier Plus) will give you a full 7 year machine warranty with an additional 2 years of post warranty benefits.  Call us today to get started 888-639-2325!

*Applies only to SodickCare Premier