The following are Frequently Asked Questions that the Sodick Service Department receives.

Q – What voltage do your machines use?

A – All Sodick machines use 210 VAC 3 Phase.

Q – Can our older control be upgraded to a newer LN Control?

A – Unfortunately this is something that we are currently unable to do. Due to the many components and labor involved, it would not be cost effective.

Q – Can I run my machine without the UPS unit?

A – Although most of our machines have UPS units as a standard feature, the unit can be bypassed to run the machine without affecting the performance.

Q – Should my EDM be in a climate controlled room?

A – Due to the expansion and contraction of metals we recommend EDM’s be placed in climate controlled rooms to insure proper accuracy.

Q – Does the machine require periodic maintenance?

A – Yes, there is a weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance recommendation. These recommendations are located in the machine tool’s manual which is supplied with the machine.