The AL600P achieves high precision machining while suppressing the cumulative pitch error to the utmost in progressive press dies. In the AL-P Series, Sodick introduces the very latest Rigid Linear Motor EDM Technology with the superior SPW power supply (Smart Pulse). The AL-P Series are the most economically efficient, precise and productive Wire EDM Machines on the market.


  • 10-Year Positioning Guarantee
  • Full Enclosure
  • Digital-PIKA-W Plus
  • TMP Control II
  • Barrel-Free Effect Control II
  • 4 Axis Linear Motor Drive System
  • Motion Controller
  • NC Device
  • Windows Operating System Platform


  • .002" to 0.0004" (0.05 to 0.1 mm) diameters are available as options
  • Including power supply, service tank, and wire bucket
  • include power supply

Product Descriptions

Direct drive method without a ball screw was established, utilizing a high performance linear motor developed and manufactured in-house for the 4 axes of X, Y, U and V. Precise axis movements without backlash can be maintained semi-permanently. Demonstrates accurate position control and excellent discharge characteristics while machining, through the high response and high following characteristics which are the features of the linear motor.

Has a 19-inch horizontal type touch panel, realizing the most up-to-date man-machine interface and also ensuring ease of viewing and ease of use. This machine is standardly equipped with the "barrel-free effect control II" which greatly reduces the barrel amount during machining, and "TMP Control II" which improves the surface roughness of the second cut and realizes high speed finish machining.

Sodick pursued ultra-high precision in the machining, assembly and adjustment of machinery. By adopting ultra-high precision roller guides, high rigidity was also achieved. While standardly equipped with doors made of CFRP, the accuracy was thoroughly pursued in all factors originating in the machining accuracy to temperature control by a high quality inverter cooler.

At Sodick, we believe in our product. This is why we offer a 10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee on our linear motor driven Wire and Sinker EDMs. We guarantee that you will not lose any accuracy within the linear motor drives. Learn more at


X - Axis Travel23.62" (600 mm)
Y - Axis Travel15.75" (400 mm)
Z - Axis Travel13.78" (350 mm)
U x V axis travel5.91" x 5.91" (150 x 150 mm)
Work tank inner dimensions W x D41.34" x 27.95" (1050 x 710 mm)
Max. taper angle±25°plate thickness:5.12" (130 mm)
Max. workpiece dimensions(During flushing machining)W x D x H31.50" x 22.44" x 13.39" (800 x 570 x 340 mm)
Max. workpiece dimensions(During submerged machining)W x D x H31.50" x 22.44" x 11.02" (800 x 570 x 280 mm)
Max. weight of workpiece(During flushing machining)2204.62 lbs. (1000 kg)
Wire electrode diameter.002"~.012" (0.05 ~ 0.3 mm) *1
Wire tension (N)3 ~ 23
Maximum wire feed rate (/sec)16.54" (420 mm)
Distance from floor surface to upper surface of table39.17" (995 mm)
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H98.23" x 113.98" x 92.32" (2495 x 2895 x 2345 mm) *2
Machine installation dimensions W x D148.82" x 167.13" (3780 x 4245 mm)
Total unit weight10141lbs. (4600 kg) *3
Total power input3-phase 50/60Hz 13 kVA