Introducing Sodick’s new 5-axis K4HL rigid linear motor CNC small hole drilling machine. This cutting-edge machine has been developed specifically to conquer applications that require the high-speed drilling of thousands of small, high-precision holes, often found in the aerospace, medical and electronics industries.

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  • Rigid Linear Motor Drives (X, Y, Z axis)
  • Automatic Electrode Feeder (AEF)
  • Water Deionizer System
  • W Axis (Programmable Electrode Guide Height)
  • Dielectric Chiller
  • LAN Connection
  • Automatic Break Through Detection
  • Diffuser Shaped Hole Drilling


SPK-E Controller (up to 8 Axis)

Automatic Electrode Feeder (18 Positions)

Programmable Guide Changer (8 Station)

Automatic Electrode Feeder Changer (9 Stations)

Integrated Part Probe

Integrated A/B Axis Table

Product Descriptions

The unique Sodick automatic electrode feeder (AEF) is standard enabling unmanned multiple electrode supply. The new optional automatic electrode feeder changer (AEF-C) allows continuous machining of thousands of holes. In addition, the automatic guide changer (LGC) supports processing holes of multiple sizes. The rotary table (A/B) and part probe options are available for further enhancement.

K4HL is equipped with a penetration detection function as standard. Since the penetration of hollow-shaped workpieces such as turbine blades is automatically detected and machining is stopped, unnecessary machining after penetration can be prevented and unnecessary machining feed can be eliminated, so machining time can be shortened. is. Ion-exchanged water (pure water) is used as the processing liquid, and it is compatible with jet specifications (spraying with a nozzle) as standard.

We have newly developed a "SPK power supply" specializing in fine hole machining. Optimal servo control enables high-speed, high-quality hole drilling for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium alloys / nickel alloys in addition to iron / cemented carbide / copper / aluminum / brass. The automatic programming software "LN Assist" supports program creation with simple operations using an interactive input method. Continuous machining of multiple holes, including the operation of optional devices such as AEF-C, ATC, and LGC, can be easily programmed.


X - Axis Travel15.75" (400 mm)
Y - Axis Travel11.81" (300 mm)
Z - Axis Travel19.69" (500 mm)
W axis stroke15.75" (400 mm)
Table dimensions Width x Depth (Inches)29.52" x 29.59" (750 x 650 mm)
Maximum Workpiece Weight (Inches)1102.31 lb. (500 kg.)
Machine body dimensions Width x Depth x Height (Inches)59.06" x 90.55" x 118.11" (1500 x 2300 x 3000 mm)