Metal 3D Printer

The OPM250 is a single process machine which combines laser metal sintering and high speed milling within the same workspace, allowing users to create finished 3D printed molds within a single machine. This additive technology allows not only for improved mold cooling channels and cycle times, but also streamlines mold design, significantly reducing the number of components necessary to create a complete mold.

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  • Yb Fiber Laser Sintering
  • Fully Integrated High Speed Milling
  • Dedicated Laser Sintering/Machining CAM System
  • Rigid Linear Motor Drives
  • Absolute Glass Scale Feedback
  • Sodick Motion Controller
  • 16-Position Automatic Tool Changer


  • Automatic Material Recovery System (MRS Unit)
  • Materialise Magics for Metal Software Package


Product Descriptions

Sodick's OPM250L uniquely integrates Metal 3D Printing and traditional machining by alternating between machining and printing within the same workspace. This allows for significantly improved accuracy and finish over existing 3D printing methods, while maintaining the ability to machine complex shapes that would be impossible without additive manufacturing. The accuracy of this fully integrated design cannot be reproduced on modular 3D Printers, which apply finishing techniques only after the print has completed. These capabilities allow for significant improvements in mold design, unifying into a single mold what would previously require over 20 separate components.

Among the most important benefits of Metal 3D Printing is the capacity to produce conformal or 3D cooling channels in molds. This allows cooling channels to reach closer to the surface of the mold, providing more even cooling, reducing deformation, and shortening cycle times. With conformal cooling, Sodick has achieved cooling time reduction of as much as 50%, shortening cycle times by as much as 21%.

Sodick's dedicated CAM software for OPM, "OS-FLASH," incorporates model import, laser data, machining optimization, and simulation. Fully compatible with CAD files such as IGES, STEP, STL and Parasolid, OS-FLASH uses unique algorithms to quickly calculate laser and cutting data. The inclusion of STL compatibility ensures the ability to produce molds from scanned data. This system also allows for rapid editing and optimization of cutting data, automatically detecting high-load points such as grooves and corners, and adjusting feed rate accordingly. The simulation function may be used to confirm unmachined and excessively cut sections, or to calculate machining time.

After machining is complete, the OPM250L collects the unused metal powder from the machining area, allowing it to be recycled back into the material supply system. By preserving unused materials, the OPM250L achieves significant cost savings and waste reduction.

The Sodick Motion Controller accurately controls the high-speed and precise linear motor drive movements through commands from the NC unit. The Sodick Motion Controller was heavily researched and developed to bring about new technical innovations to machining accuracy. Developed in Silicon Valley, CA, the Sodick Motion Controller accurately controls high-speeds, rapid acceleration and precise positioning.

Sodick's OPM250L features the same rigid linear motors that have made our EDMs some of the most reliable machines on the market today. With 1G axis acceleration, and no friction, wear, or backlash, the rigid linear motor continues to be the most advanced drive system on the market. With an optimized flat design, the rigid linear motor is mounted directly into the machine's castings, providing stable linear motion with digitally controlled precision. As the experts on linear motor drives, Sodick offers one of the most accurate Metal 3D Printers on the market.


Max Workpiece Size9.84" x 9.84" x 9.84" (250 x 250 x 250 mm)
X - Axis Travel10.24" (260 mm)
Y - Axis Travel10.24" (260 mm)
Z - Axis Travel10.24" (260 mm)
Spindle Z axis stroke3.94" (100 mm)
Molding Tank Inner Dimensions11.42" (290 x 290 mm)
Max Laser Output500 W
Max Powder Feed Amount198.42 lbs. (90 kg) (Maraging Steel)
Nitrogen Supply Capacity32NL/min
Max Spindle RPM45,000
Tool Holder TypeHSK-E25
Machine Tool Dimensions73.62" x 87.80" x 80.91" (1,870 x 2,230 x 2,055 mm)
Machine Tool Weight9,920 lbs. (4,500 kg)