The Latest Technology
Just $377 per Week

Sodick is pleased to introduce a new, Advanced Operating Lease program, in partnership with Complete Capital Services. Operating leases offer many benefits not typically available with traditional financing structures, freeing up cash flow and allowing businesses to scale quickly.

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Why Lease?

  • No Capital Budget Required
  • Off Balance Sheet Funding
  • Keep Up with New Capabilities
  • Flexible Options

True Fixed Cost

  • "Peace of Mind" Option
  • SodickCare Warranty
  • Annual PM's Included
  • Less than $64/week more

Lease End Option

  • Return Machine
  • Extend Lease for Uninterrupted Productivity
  • Upgrade to Latest Model
  • Purchase for Residual Value

Guaranteed Accuracy

Sodick guarantees the positioning accuracy of all new Wire EDMs for the full duration of any lease, or 10 years if the machine is purchased upon the lease's conclusion.