Machine tool manufacturer Sodick has announced the release of two new packages for users of their high speed machining centers: Jig Grinding and High-Speed Hole Drilling. These new functions, which are available across the UH Series line of high speed mills, offer users the flexibility to complete a variety of different operations on a single, high performance machine. The result is less capital expense and reduced floorspace demand.

Sodick’s new Jig Grinding function provides the UH Series the flexibility to perform high-precision, 3-axis grinding applications with ease. With independent Z-motion and high feed rate, the UH can achieve high surface quality along difficult contours. With this added capability, the UH series can eliminate the need for expensive, single-function jig grinders.

Likewise, with the added capability of Sodick’s new High-Speed Drilling function the UH mill excels in production hole drilling, even with tight tolerance requirements. Through the use of a high speed cycle macro, production time on drilled holes can be cut in half.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.