In Aerospace, high precision is of the utmost importance. For vibration-free and backlash-free machining at high speeds, there is no replacement for the Sodick rigid linear motor, which comes standard on all Sodick EDMs. With extreme precision in all sizes, from small parts to large work pieces, Sodick machine tools are the first choice for leaders in the Aerospace industry.

With options to include indexing tables and the capability to cut advanced materials such as titanium with ease, Sodick is the right choice to produce critical aircraft components at high speeds. And finally, only Sodick offers a 10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee without usage limits, because only Sodick has mastered the maintenance-free, friction-free rigid linear motor.

Preferred Machines

Sinker EDM

Testimonial: Advanced Materials Technologies, LLC

Rebuilding his company from scratch, Jay Donkersloot turned a four-man operation into an ISO certified, aerospace manufacturing and repair facility thanks to a collection of Sodick EDMs. The EDMs are used for manufacture or repair of turbine disks, shroud segments, turbine blades and turbine nozzle vane segments. Due to accuracy and finish requirements, AMT purchased the Sodick AG60L CNC Sinker EDM and AG600L Wire EDM, then added a Sodick AQ750LH Wire EDM.

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