'Tax Incentives Information and Calculator for Equipment Purchases, Financing, & $1.00-Out Leases!

Businesses purchasing, financing, or leasing (Capital or $1.00 types) new or used equipment in 2020 can elect to expense up to $1,000,000 this year under IRS Section 179. The Section 179 rules are designed for small companies, so the $1,000,000 write-off is reduced dollar-for-dollar as total equipment purchases exceed $2,500,000 in a calendar year.

In addition to the Section 179 deduction, Bonus Depreciation has been increased to 100% and is now allowed for both new or used equipment that is purchased, financed, or leased (Capital or $1.00 types) and placed into service before Jan. 1, 2021, regardless of the amount of new equipment purchased in a calendar year resulting in huge tax savings for purchases.

Let's examine your purchase:


*Equipment put in service in first 3 quarters of the tax year (reduced in 4th quarter)

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