Z Wire: Premium

  • Premium quality gamma coated brass EDM wire
  • Cutting speed is 10-20% faster than standard Brass wire
  • Lower wire consumption necessary
  • Improved surface finishes


          (CuZn35 Core - Tensile Strength 900N)

ProCut Z+ : Ultra High Speed Gama

  • Next generation of coated wire designed specifically for the Sodick generator
  • Dual alloy layer improves cutting speed of 30% compared to standard Brass wire
  • Ideal for taller work pieces or poor flushing conditions
  • Improved accuracy and surface as compared to other coated wires


       (CuZn40 Core - Tensile Strength 900 N)

Thermo SD

  • Industry standard gamma coated Brass EDM wire
  • Cutting speed is 20% faster than standard Brass wire
  • Works well on both Sodick machines as well as all other manufacturers


          (CuZn37 Core - Tensile Strength 900N)

Z+ Wire: Cost Efficient

  • Premium quality gamma coated hybrid Brass EDM wire
  • Increased cutting speeds of 10% achieved
  • Improved accuracy and full auto threading supported


              (CuZn37 Core - Tensile Strength 900N)